The Day Party Mixes

The Day Party Mixes

Everyone loves a day party, thats why this mix is full of suprises, leave the crowd wanting more but remembering why you had the best music without a Dj at that Pool Party. 9 Mixes and over 10 Hours of music, This is the Best Package Deal yet


  1. Early Evening Citizen M MIx - 1 Hr
  2. Day Party House Mix - 3 Hr
  3. Summer is Here - 1 Hr
  4. Welcome to the Beach House Mix - 1Hr
  5. Deep House Covers - 1 Hr 30min
  6. Full evening party mix - 2Hr 48 Mins
  7. The Hedkandi Tropical, Soul, House - 1 Hr
  8. The Very Best House Music 2019 - 1 Hr
  9. Winter Sun Mix - 36 Mins


Our Clients have been some of the highest standard of hospitality in the industry and now you can have all these mixes for one set price. Every Mix has a Jayli Stamp in the intro & Outro. Are clients have been STK (Worldwide), Superyacht Society, British Airways, Citizen M (Around the world) and many more...

  • Specifications

    Each Mix Contains a Jayli Tag in intro and Outro to Authenticate mix.

    File Format: MPEG3

    Duration: 504.12 Minutes