Restaurant/Lounge Mix

Restaurant/Lounge Mix

As a Dj who has played in some of the finest restaurants in the world, I feel its vital for the music to be just as good as the food, to make you stay and eat and drink more and leave you wanting more. This Mix Is just that! Weather your in a coffee house or having Japanese cuisine, the mixes were inspired from my time djing and eating in venues worldwide. A Zip File of 7 Hours and 30 Mins of mixes.


  1. Jagged Jungle's Deep House & Disco - 1 Hr
  2. Jagged Jungle's Deep House - 1 Hr
  3. Jagged Jungle's Melodic House - 1 Hr
  4. Jagged Jungle's Tropical House Tribute - 1 Hr
  5. Jagged Jungle's Nu Disco - 1 Hr
  6. Summer Social Festival Mix - 3 Hours


Our Clients have been some of the highest standard of hospitality in the industry and now you can have all these mixes for one set price. Every Mix has a Jayli Stamp in the intro & Outro. Are clients have been STK (Worldwide), Superyacht Society, British Airways, Citizen M (Around the world) and many more...

  • Specifications

    Each Mix Contains a Jayli Tag in intro and Outro to Authenticate mix.

    File Format: MPEG3

    Duration: 504.12 Minutes